Can We Get A YEEHAW?!

Paxton Harman

Posted on July 07 2020

Can We Get A YEEHAW?!


I've been listening to country music for as long as I can remember. Being raised by a southern mother - I knew all about Reba, Tim, Faith, George, and so many more. Driving down country roads, windows open, with country music cranked up in the summertime are some of the best memories I have. 

With that being said, our collection of country tees are some of my most FAVORITE things right now in our lounge shop. I loved picking these out for Paxton Avery & Co and even better, 3 new styles came out today! But to make this collection perfect - you're going to want the perfect playlist when ordering. 

90's music was THE BEST and still is - so I hope you love this perfect country throwback playlist. We all need some new playlists right now anyway, right? 



Yeehaw Rolled Sleeve Tee

This is the softest fabric to have on this summer and with the rolled sleeve details, and a rainbow graphic - you'll just need cutoff shorts and booties for a country chic look!

"So I Can Kiss You Anytime I Want" Tee


Fun fact about me? Reese Witherspoon is my IDOL. I've been so obsessed with her since I first saw Cruel Intentions and then when she did Legally Blonde...*hair flip.* I just love her so darn much. Plus, we share the same birthday! And Sweet Home Alabama tops the list of movies we will never get tired of. This tee features a graphic of Melanie & Jake with text reading “so I can kiss you anytime that I want” .. one of my favorite lines! Style this one with jeans and sneaks for a casual look, or wear it oversized for a Reese Witherspoon movie watching marathon on the couch! ( That's what I'll be doing).

Jolene Tee


You just can’t help but sing it! This fun color combo will make Dolly proud, a little pink and a little orange will make you sing aloud!

And we still have a few sizes left in our other country tees are well. Check them out below!

90's Country Gal's tee! 


Happy Shopping, Ya'll!

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